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    A Patronage is a tax deductible gift to The Guild in the Grove to help further our mission*. Funds may be used to develop new programs, offer scholarships, train staff, or for building maintenance such as rent, ceiling tiles, or light bulbs.

    At this particular moment we are prioritizing funds to pay rent. We need approximately $4,000 for Delight and The Guild to cover past due lease expenses from April through June. We have a fundraising meter to the left to chart our progress! It was last updated: May 23rd. So far we have raised $100.

    You may add multiple "unicorns" to your cart if you wish to create a custom donation amount.

    All donations are tax deductible.


    Why not a Go Fund Me?: They charge way more in credit card fees than our normal credit card processor! This fundraiser will also eventually become the basis of our eventual memberships and fundraising drives to provide quality educational opportunities to our community at a price point that isn't out of reach for most Cottage Grove families.

    Why is everyone a unicorn?: As an organization we don't believe in donor levels. We believe in wide community support. We appreciate every single one of you and know that not everyone can give $10,000 to an organization, let alone $1,000, or $100. While $25 doesn't stretch as far as $10,000 in the real world, it does in our hearts, and that's why everyone is a unicorn.

    Does this pay Delight's rent too?: Delight's rent is our rent. Our rent is Delight's rent. So yes, it does!

    *Our Misson: Our programs offer students a chance to continue learning by partnering them with talented and friendly staff in an innovative, collaborative, and fun environment. Our students and staff are members of a community bound together by their love of creative thinking, learning through gaming, and the occasional friendly competition. Our community is driven by our core values: Inclusivity, Collaboration, Empowerment, Stewardship, and most of all, Fun!

    Unicorn Tier - $25.00
    Also Unicorn Tier - $50.00
    Another Unicorn Tier - $75.00
    We're all Unicorns! - $100.00
    Unicorns Supporting Unicorns - $1,000.00

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