Who We Are

At The Guild, we believe that you do well by doing good. We provide safe, fun, and educational environment for the youth of Cottage Grove Oregon. Our community is driven by our core values: Inclusivity, Collaboration, Empowerment, Stewardship, and most of all, Fun.

What We Do

Our programs offer students a chance to continue learning by partnering them with talented and friendly staff in an innovative, collaborative, and fun environment. Through our programming we strive to bring students together to learn key life skills in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Our students are members of a community bound together by their love of creative thinking, learning through gaming, and the occasional friendly competition. 

Where We Are

We are located inside of Delight downtown Cottage Grove. We work closely with Delight in order to provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere where kids feel at home while they’re doing the important work of learning and growing.

Dungeons and Dragons

Our D&D Through history program has been a fan favorite – where we take kids on a trip through a historical event, such as the start of the Olympics, using Dungeons and Dragons. Students get to live vicariously through events as their characters (maybe change and outcome here or there) and then reflect critically on how certain events unfolded, or certain people influenced outcomes.

Scholarship Fund

With funding from you we are able to resume cultural and humanities education in our rural community while making sure no child is barred access to services due to financial constraints in these tough economic times.